Cardano Club

We are all a big Cardano club. Let's create places where we can work or just meet in person - every day.


Stake with CLUB stake pool

Stake with us to support what we're building, and to earn valuable rewards. We are mission-oriented OG single stake pool that operates from testnet days.
Pool name: Cardano club
Ticker: CLUB
Pool ID: ad7672d51077091866aff6fb


Single pool

CLUB is a single pool operated by community members from 1st Shelley epoch.


Earn more

At average pool luck around 100% or above, your stake will generate expected rewards over longer stake period.
Above that, CLUB will reward loyal stakers with bonus tokens and NFTs.


Share CLUB vision

Share our vision and onboard more CLUB members. Ask your local favorite meeting place (coffee bar, hotel etc.) to join the CLUB.

How to become part of the CLUB

Decentralised communities, like Cardano, are often meeting and working remotely using hotels, caffe bars, restaurants or other suitable comfortable places. If the owners display our Cardano Club Welcome logo and we list/ map such places all over the world, it would be a lot easier for community members to meet in a well-known places and work togeather.

Displaying Cardano Club Welcome logo would also be a positive marketing move for both Cardano and the place itself. Cardano has very large, active and fast growing community.

If you are the owner/ manager of such place, please contact us.